27 Jun 2018

5 Must Have Accessories during Rainy Season

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We absolutely love watching the pitter patter outside your window, but we all dread going out this season. Agree it or not we love watching rains from a good amount of distance. The moment we realise that we have to step into that rain we start panicking.

During the monsoon, styling up for every outing in a fashionable way can get really difficult. That's when accessories can come to your rescue.

Here are 5 accessories that could add to your style quotient and are absolutely must-haves for this monsoon:

1. Bags

Pick waterproof leather bags or transparent handbags, which are made from PVC to look trendy this season. Go for printed faux leather bags as they work as the perfect embellishment to your outfit. These bags add to the fashion quotient and work wonders as they are waterproof also.

2. Scarves

Scarves are a perfect substitute to dupattas. You can save yourself from the hassle of handling a long dupatta during monsoon and should rather prefer a scarf. Scarves are the perfect adornment to any outfit. Add a twist to your daily Indian outfits with these small in size scarves. They are definitely as saviour in terms of convenience and utility.  

3. Rain Saviours like Umbrellas and Rain Coats


Opt for colourful, printed or frilly umbrellas to combat this gloomy weather. Today we get so many trendy colours , prints. Choose the one that you are more comfortable with. Avoid Black Colours as its very boring and most common. Always try to stand out in the crowd.


Select poncho style or see through PVC raincoats to jazz up your outfit. Choose raincoats with detachable hoods to keep it versatile.  

4. Light Weight Accessories

It becomes extremely difficult during this season to wear those heavy accessories. It’s easy if we mix and match our clothing with the accessories. Chose tassels or basic statements for the perfect fashionable look. Tassel Earrings go very handy during monsoon as they add the colour in your otherwise boring outfit. Streethopper offers a variety of tassels that can be your partner. 


  1. 5. Pop Sockets


What? Pop Sockets? Yes. When you go during rains you already have so many things in your hand like your bag, umbrella and also your phone. And if you have the pop socket in your phone your phone won’t fall. The grip in these sockets are so fine that even during rains it wont’ slip away. You can choose from various designs on Streethopper according to your mood. Shop pop sockets only from Streethopper.


Nevertheless, Rainy Season is still our favourite season. Agree or not ? Let us know in comments. 

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