11 Jun 2018

5 Ways On How Brooch Can Complement Your Outfit

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This is definite that brooch is possibly the most underestimated accessory of all. If you are uncertain on how to wear a brooch, here are 5 ways to get the best out of this fashionable fashion accessory:

1. Wear with mono colored tops: We all love our go to basic and plain tees. What if I tell you that you can add glamour and glitz in your everyday basics. Look how Sonal Somani styled our multi colored tassels brooch with such grace. Her pink basics are looking fabulous with the tassels. What do you think? Doesn’t it just add all the magic?

2. Brooches & Jackets: The best way to style your jackets easily would be antique and modern brooches. Even with your business suit, antique brooches go vividly. You would stand out in your office parties definitely.

3.Bag Decoration: If you can think outside the box, a brooch is not exclusively for pinning to your clothing, and a carrying bag of any kind can be brightened up with a stylish brooch.

4. Cap & Brooches: A unique way of dressing up your caps would be adding brooches on to it. You can add the quirkiness immediately with these brooches.

5. Brooches as beauty points for dresses: Your plain dresses / mono colored dresses would be best glammed up with brooches. It’s so simple and elegant way to add the magic. Don’t you think so? All your LBD’s can have the elegance with just a simple brooch. Just like our Antique Lined Brooch, these ones can be the best partner for your LBD’S.

Streethopper offers various brooches to offer. You can check our variety of options here: http://www.streethopper.in/rings-more.html Look glamourous and elegant with our antique brooches.

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