04 Jun 2018

6 Reasons for Ordering Pop Sockets Now

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6 Reasons for Ordering Pop Sockets Now Are you one of those people who drops their phone numerous time? Then you definitely need Pop Sockets. Pop Sockets can be attached to the back of your phone (read any phone that you possess) and can be used for multiple uses. 6 reasons why you should order pop socket from Streethopper:

1. Use it as a stand: Pop Sockets make amazing stands. You can easily ‘pop’ them for handy use as stand to watch videos, shows, netflix and so much more.

2. Easy grip while running: One common problem that people face while running is where and how to carry their phone as it easily slips out of your pocket as well as your hand. But Pop Sockets make holding your phone easier as you can pop it out and then you can easily grip it in your hand and run. Another thing that you can do is use a pop clip and mount the phone on your treadmill or on your cycle. How does that sound?

3. Video calls: You can easily mount your phone on your laptop while on a video call, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task by continuing to work on your laptop while you talk.

4. Using a phone on wet surfaces: Keeping your phone on wet surfaces is a big no-no as water can easily cause damage to your phone. Pop sockets are made out of polycarbonate, making them washable, hence, you can easily keep your phone on wet surfaces like by the sink, floor or the kitchen counter without it actually getting wet.

5. Earphone management system: You can wrap your earphones around your Pop Sockets to keep them in one place and tangle-free. Now no more problem of detangling earphones. Isn’t that great ?

6. Customise Your Pop Sockets: All what you get from Amazon or in any other mobile accessory stores are the print which you cannot get it customised. We at Streethopper can customise any design that you give us and deliver to you within next 7 working days. Want your name or any quote that you like or any picture that you wish easily with no extra cost? Just get in touch with us.

What are you waiting for? Get your customized pop socket now!

Order Now only on : http://www.streethopper.in/pop-sockets.html

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