13 Feb 2018

Refresh your closet and be a responsible fashionista!

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There are some problems which girls are born with, one of them being having nothing to wear. Always! But, that doesn’t mean you keep stacking new pair of unwanted clothes and accessories which you might rarely or never wear and then feel terrible about it. Save yourself some guilt, money and stress by being a little responsible and following a few hacks to always look good and stylish.

Get your basics and quality in place!

Don’t just buy everything your eye falls on. Before going for that designer exclusive piece of dress or accessory, check if your basics or must-have’s are in place. Pick up little but good qualitative stuff which goes with majority of your outfits. Because those essentials don’t leave you in a soup when you have an important occasion and no time to go shopping.

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Barter with Best Friend!

What are best friends for if you don’t exchange your clothes and accessories at regular intervals? Give her yours and borrow some of hers to carry yourself every time with a new look and style. And when you both are falling short of it, visit us at http://www.streethopper.in/ and bring some fashionable accessories for yourselves and each other (because you will be exchanging later, remember?)

Treat your stuff like an infant baby and make it last longer!

The better you treat clothes and jewelry, the longer it lasts. Store them properly in order to increase their shelf-life and maintain the shine. Don’t just put your new ones in the washing machine along with the other clothes, because they might need a delicate hand-wash. So, now you know a little care does a lot of wonders.


Look into your wardrobe and make a note of all those stuff you don’t need and wear, ever. Sometime, what’s luxury for you, might be a need for somebody else. Be a responsible and sensitive citizen in order to be a responsible fashionista.

Mix and Match!

Sometimes, there are hidden gems in your closet which you miss out on. So, it’s time to bring out all those accessories, t-shirts and jeans and pair it up in a new way. Unveil the stylista in you by revamping your wardrobe with the existing stuff and be a trendsetter.

So, this weekend open your closet, refresh it and be a responsible fashionista!

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