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5 Tips To Rock Your Party Look

Friday, September 28, 2018 3:30:58 PM Asia/Calcutta

Few years back we would all wait for New Year’s night, Christmas night, Diwali Night parties to dress up. Now we just need a reason to party , dress up , drink and dance. There are so many parties that we get invited to these days that we are almost terrified on what to wear to these parties.

If you have an invite and you aren’t sure what to wear, there are these amazing tips that you would surely love.


1. Go Bold

If you are wearing an LBD or any kind of dress make sure that one thing that you are wearing is bold. Be it your bag or the accessory or your heels. One thing should stand out always, this way all eyes would be on you only. And that one thing will get you all attention.


2. Get The Right Jeans

Find your right fit of jeans and save it for life. High rise, baggy, skinny , boyfriend whatever suits you stick to it always. These cannot go wrong. When the jeans are perfect , team them with anything and everything , your confidence wouldn’t fade ever. The right jeans will fit your shape and will make you look sleeker and smarter.



3. Layer it up

We at Streethopper love layering up our clothes. One – because It hides our extra flab , Two – it adds definition to your look.



4.Color that lip well

There’s never a wrong time to wear red lipstick. You need deepest shade of red in your cosmetic closet. And don’t listen to them – it’s always a good time to wear a red lipstick.



5.Lastly Be Confident

Nothing, nothing works just as confidence does. And, unfortunately, there’s no workaround to this one. Be you, be confident. Everything starts looking better once you are comfortable and confident in your skin and look. All said and done, there are no hard and fast rules for dressing up for a party. If you think something works for you, go ahead by all means. Don’t get all worked up. You will do well.

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9-5 Office Ready Fashion

Friday, September 14, 2018 4:49:49 PM Asia/Calcutta

We all have been there thinking about what we should wear to office, what can make us look fashionable and also how we can create a statement out of our outfit. There are many tricks over here to make you office ready with just few of our best seller accessories.

1. For A Quick Fashionable Look

Be it your Indian Kurtis , palazzos , Western Tops and Skirts these golden metal office earrings are definitely your go-to earring. You can wear these with anything and get your outfit a complete look. Gold always adds a zing to the way you dress and these one would definitely do wonders for you.

2. For A Little Desi Tadka

All we need to look fashionable in our office wear would be little bit of desi tadka. These spiraled golden earrings would be the one for you. Soft and consuming these earrings would add a charming feel into your outfit. Wear them every day with great comfort and ease.

3. For Those Office Meetings

All of the women think that they need to dress really well when they have presentations to make, then they try and wear quite heavy look for those days which they can’t carry at all. For those days you need the simplest of dresses with simplest of fashion touch. These earrings are the answer. All you need is to sport them with your simple kurtis and you get all the attention definitely.

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How being a minimalist simply works for you?

Friday, August 3, 2018 3:20:45 PM Asia/Calcutta

No prints. No colors. No fun. Isnt that boring?

No to minimalists. They are from those people who would love just the minimum and still slay. But to women who like a little bit of jazz in their outfits, minimalism can seem to be like a fancy word.

A minimalist approach to fashion is more about the thought process behind things than it is about your color palette or the specific number of items in your closet. It generally means that you approach your wardrobe with intentionality, not aiming for the largest number of things. Rather, your goal is having a closet that fits your lifestyle, and is filled with high-quality pieces you absolutely love that will, hopefully, durable.

The phrase “I have nothing to wear!” is used so much by all of us which is genuinely not correct. Rather, you’re most likely plagued by decision fatigue, the more choices you have to make, the harder it is to make a decision, and the less confident you are in the decision. What if every single day, you check your wardrobe and saw only things you absolutely love so that no matter what you picked, it would make you feel confident and amazing ?That is what a minimal approach to fashion is all about.

Shop minimalist’s favourite accessories only on

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5 Must Have Accessories during Rainy Season

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 1:57:38 PM Asia/Calcutta

We absolutely love watching the pitter patter outside your window, but we all dread going out this season. Agree it or not we love watching rains from a good amount of distance. The moment we realise that we have to step into that rain we start panicking.

During the monsoon, styling up for every outing in a fashionable way can get really difficult. That's when accessories can come to your rescue.

Here are 5 accessories that could add to your style quotient and are absolutely must-haves for this monsoon:

1. Bags

Pick waterproof leather bags or transparent handbags, which are made from PVC to look trendy this season. Go for printed faux leather bags as they work as the perfect embellishment to your outfit. These bags add to the fashion quotient and work wonders as they are waterproof also.

2. Scarves

Scarves are a perfect substitute to dupattas. You can save yourself from the hassle of handling a long dupatta during monsoon and should rather prefer a scarf. Scarves are the perfect adornment to any outfit. Add a twist to your daily Indian outfits with these small in size scarves. They are definitely as saviour in terms of convenience and utility.  

3. Rain Saviours like Umbrellas and Rain Coats


Opt for colourful, printed or frilly umbrellas to combat this gloomy weather. Today we get so many trendy colours , prints. Choose the one that you are more comfortable with. Avoid Black Colours as its very boring and most common. Always try to stand out in the crowd.


Select poncho style or see through PVC raincoats to jazz up your outfit. Choose raincoats with detachable hoods to keep it versatile.  

4. Light Weight Accessories

It becomes extremely difficult during this season to wear those heavy accessories. It’s easy if we mix and match our clothing with the accessories. Chose tassels or basic statements for the perfect fashionable look. Tassel Earrings go very handy during monsoon as they add the colour in your otherwise boring outfit. Streethopper offers a variety of tassels that can be your partner.

  1. 5. Pop Sockets


What? Pop Sockets? Yes. When you go during rains you already have so many things in your hand like your bag, umbrella and also your phone. And if you have the pop socket in your phone your phone won’t fall. The grip in these sockets are so fine that even during rains it wont’ slip away. You can choose from various designs on Streethopper according to your mood. Shop pop sockets only from Streethopper.

Nevertheless, Rainy Season is still our favourite season. Agree or not ? Let us know in comments. 

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5 Ways On How Brooch Can Complement Your Outfit

Monday, June 11, 2018 4:14:59 PM Asia/Calcutta

This is definite that brooch is possibly the most underestimated accessory of all. If you are uncertain on how to wear a brooch, here are 5 ways to get the best out of this fashionable fashion accessory:

1. Wear with mono colored tops: We all love our go to basic and plain tees. What if I tell you that you can add glamour and glitz in your everyday basics. Look how Sonal Somani styled our multi colored tassels brooch with such grace. Her pink basics are looking fabulous with the tassels. What do you think? Doesn’t it just add all the magic?

2. Brooches & Jackets: The best way to style your jackets easily would be antique and modern brooches. Even with your business suit, antique brooches go vividly. You would stand out in your office parties definitely.

3.Bag Decoration: If you can think outside the box, a brooch is not exclusively for pinning to your clothing, and a carrying bag of any kind can be brightened up with a stylish brooch.

4. Cap & Brooches: A unique way of dressing up your caps would be adding brooches on to it. You can add the quirkiness immediately with these brooches.

5. Brooches as beauty points for dresses: Your plain dresses / mono colored dresses would be best glammed up with brooches. It’s so simple and elegant way to add the magic. Don’t you think so? All your LBD’s can have the elegance with just a simple brooch. Just like our Antique Lined Brooch, these ones can be the best partner for your LBD’S.

Streethopper offers various brooches to offer. You can check our variety of options here: Look glamourous and elegant with our antique brooches.

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6 Reasons for Ordering Pop Sockets Now

Monday, June 4, 2018 12:25:35 PM Asia/Calcutta

6 Reasons for Ordering Pop Sockets Now Are you one of those people who drops their phone numerous time? Then you definitely need Pop Sockets. Pop Sockets can be attached to the back of your phone (read any phone that you possess) and can be used for multiple uses. 6 reasons why you should order pop socket from Streethopper:

1. Use it as a stand: Pop Sockets make amazing stands. You can easily ‘pop’ them for handy use as stand to watch videos, shows, netflix and so much more.

2. Easy grip while running: One common problem that people face while running is where and how to carry their phone as it easily slips out of your pocket as well as your hand. But Pop Sockets make holding your phone easier as you can pop it out and then you can easily grip it in your hand and run. Another thing that you can do is use a pop clip and mount the phone on your treadmill or on your cycle. How does that sound?

3. Video calls: You can easily mount your phone on your laptop while on a video call, allowing you to go hands-free so that you can multi-task by continuing to work on your laptop while you talk.

4. Using a phone on wet surfaces: Keeping your phone on wet surfaces is a big no-no as water can easily cause damage to your phone. Pop sockets are made out of polycarbonate, making them washable, hence, you can easily keep your phone on wet surfaces like by the sink, floor or the kitchen counter without it actually getting wet.

5. Earphone management system: You can wrap your earphones around your Pop Sockets to keep them in one place and tangle-free. Now no more problem of detangling earphones. Isn’t that great ?

6. Customise Your Pop Sockets: All what you get from Amazon or in any other mobile accessory stores are the print which you cannot get it customised. We at Streethopper can customise any design that you give us and deliver to you within next 7 working days. Want your name or any quote that you like or any picture that you wish easily with no extra cost? Just get in touch with us.

What are you waiting for? Get your customized pop socket now!

Order Now only on :

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Refresh your closet and be a responsible fashionista!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 12:44:21 PM Asia/Calcutta

There are some problems which girls are born with, one of them being having nothing to wear. Always! But, that doesn’t mean you keep stacking new pair of unwanted clothes and accessories which you might rarely or never wear and then feel terrible about it. Save yourself some guilt, money and stress by being a little responsible and following a few hacks to always look good and stylish.

Get your basics and quality in place!

Don’t just buy everything your eye falls on. Before going for that designer exclusive piece of dress or accessory, check if your basics or must-have’s are in place. Pick up little but good qualitative stuff which goes with majority of your outfits. Because those essentials don’t leave you in a soup when you have an important occasion and no time to go shopping.

For solving some of your accessory worries, check out all our new collection, meant for anytime, any day -

Barter with Best Friend!

What are best friends for if you don’t exchange your clothes and accessories at regular intervals? Give her yours and borrow some of hers to carry yourself every time with a new look and style. And when you both are falling short of it, visit us at and bring some fashionable accessories for yourselves and each other (because you will be exchanging later, remember?)

Treat your stuff like an infant baby and make it last longer!

The better you treat clothes and jewelry, the longer it lasts. Store them properly in order to increase their shelf-life and maintain the shine. Don’t just put your new ones in the washing machine along with the other clothes, because they might need a delicate hand-wash. So, now you know a little care does a lot of wonders.


Look into your wardrobe and make a note of all those stuff you don’t need and wear, ever. Sometime, what’s luxury for you, might be a need for somebody else. Be a responsible and sensitive citizen in order to be a responsible fashionista.

Mix and Match!

Sometimes, there are hidden gems in your closet which you miss out on. So, it’s time to bring out all those accessories, t-shirts and jeans and pair it up in a new way. Unveil the stylista in you by revamping your wardrobe with the existing stuff and be a trendsetter.

So, this weekend open your closet, refresh it and be a responsible fashionista!

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5 Stylish Things every girl in her 20s should own!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 4:30:01 PM Asia/Calcutta

When you can’t find anything absolutely apt for a certain occasion, there comes your basics to the rescue. Every girl in her 20’s should have some timeless and smart pieces which you can count on anytime and anywhere. Get your everyday style on point with these must haves.

A black blazer!

When you’re in that phase where you’re too young to be taken seriously and too old to dress like a kid, a black blazer is the solution to your dressing right. From cracking the interview in your dream company to stepping out in style for a casual dinner date, a black blazer is your go to outfit. 

Add a touch of finesse to your blazer look with black beauty stud earrings!

Delicate accessories!

20s is a delicate phase and so should be your accessories. Give yourself a feminine touch with subtle pieces of accessories – from layered necklaces to poised rings.

Store your closet with this pretty disc-like pearl choker which looks nothing but luxury with elegance.

A denim shirt/jacket!

What goes around comes around. And so is the trend of a denim shirt/jacket. Wear it with a printed bottom or a graphic tee; this strong style piece will definitely enhance your look.

Pair it up with an ocean blue stone bracelet and add a charm to your casual look.

A white silk blouse!

 Want to feel lady-like with a flowy fabric yet want to keep it minimal? A white blouse is what you need.

A quick note to look great with your serene white blouse – accessorize it with glitz & gloss star earrings.

Statement pieces!

A closet of every girl in her 20s is incomplete without some statement jewelry/accessories in it. From bold rings to dangling earrings, they’re a must to hit the perfect 10 on 10 statement look.

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How to carry your Indian outfit like a celebrity!

Thursday, December 28, 2017 3:12:26 PM Asia/Calcutta

With the wedding shenanigans happening all around, we’re pretty sure you’re on 24*7 search for that perfect look inspiration and ideas. And when you are one of those who are highly updated on fashion, finding that the correct blend of outfit and jewelry is a daunting task.

But, here we are with some celebrity fashion hacks to wear your Indian outfits with some glam and gloss to it. We’ve got you some our favorite celebrities’ Indian wear ensemble and listed some styling tips you need to enhance your Indian wear

1. Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi is one of the fearless and honest soul when it comes to life and fashion. We love how she’s totally rocking the simple pistachio green lehenga and taken it to a whole new level with a corset and gorgeous tasseled cape. It’s young, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Style it with our elegant crystal white earrings for the picture perfect look!

2. Parineeti Chopra

If you’re in for setting a trend and trying new styles, we’ve got this for you. Parineeti is absolutely nailing this dhoti-jumpsuit attire. And as they say, when in doubt, go red!

Our silver triangle layer necklace is exclusively meant for this one.

3. Kareena Kapoor

This Kapoor diva is an epitome of style and grace. This statement look in a monochrome sari with a blazer makes her look nothing less than a symbol of royalty and luxury.

Complete this statement look with this Asymmetric statement ring


4. Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline looks like a gorgeous doll in this floral print lehenga. Giving it a modern twist, the pink cape brings out the perfect style statement.

These artistic blush geometric earrings would add more charm to the whole ensemble.


5. Alia Bhat

This young and dynamic queen is one of the Bollywood’s upcoming style diva. Who can carry two contrastingly bright colors so gracefully other than Alia Bhatt!

Get out of the color rut and go bright this festive season.

Accessorize this outfit with simple clear drop earrings for a complete power pack OOTD.


So girls, for all those grand weddings around the corner, don’t forget to keep it stylish. Keep s-hopping!

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How to get out of the style rut!

Friday, December 22, 2017 1:56:10 PM Asia/Calcutta

The lazy winter season is here and we just don’t feel like doing anything except for snuggling in our warm blankets and enjoying some coffee in our verandah. But don’t let this laziness come in your way to dressing your best and giving some style goals to all your friends and foes. And if you are one of those stuck in a style or fashion rut, this is the right time to step out of it.

Christmas and New Year’s being just around the corner, the timing couldn’t get any better to revamp your wardrobe and your look. We’ve listed some of the easiest transformation tactics, helping you to break out of the Style Rut.


Get a casual-dressy look!


It’s time to bring your casual and dressy look together to give a refreshing change in your outfits and the way you wear them. It’s a modern approach to looking like an absolutely stylist yet minimally dressed person in the room. Pair your dressy (leather, denim or metallic) skirt with a graphic tee or get out those printed bottoms and team it up with a plain and casual shirt or t-shirt.  If you want to make a statement, try some layered necklace to complete the look.




Add some color or pattern!


Get a shift from your monochromatic wardrobe and add a tint of color or pattern to your wardrobe. You can also try going color on color. For instance, instead of pairing your baby pink trousers or skirt with a common black or white top, why not try them with an olive green jacket or a baby pink blazer itself. Pink on pink being monochromatic, still stands out separate from the usual black and whites.




It’s vacay time. It’s time to experiment!


You want to try on those quirky prints but contemplating at the same time? This holiday season; bring out the unconventional side of you in your vacation time. Travel gets you out of your comfort zone when it comes to your life, thinking and also your wardrobe. Make use of the new places where nobody actually knows you or your style and start living a different you. And the good news is, we’ve got you some funky hairclips for your Instagram #Vacaylook.




Gift yourself a pair of oversized earrings


If nothing works, an oversize pair of dangling earrings is a go to style option. Look young, refreshing and happy with some stylish and trendy earrings. They’re meant to pump up any outfit you are wearing. It’s a comeback in the world of fashion and there’s absolutely no reason to not get them.




When in doubt, do the vintage style!

When you really can’t breakthrough the style rut and the modern style seems to bold for you to follow, go back to your classic tee/shirt and jeans with a layered twist. Complement your vintage look with a comfortable jacket or zipper and converse. 



This Christmas, bring out the other side of you with a new style and zeal. Team Streethopper wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas a New Year filled with fashion and style.

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