17 Oct 2017

How colorful pom pom earrings are the latest fashion trend

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'Accessory is like the perfect feature – it always complements the already existing'!

And one such design piece standing out in today’s fashion news is the pom pom earrings. The colorful and vibrant tufts are something that every next girl is flaunting.

With a decorative and colorful history, the word pom pom is derived from the French word ‘Pompon’ meaning ‘a ball of flair’ during the 18th century. From Chaplain’s hat to cheerleaders prop and now to a fashion accessory - there’s nothing you won’t love about pom pom, especially the earrings.

Some prefer it to be long and the rest like to keep it short, some like it multicolored while others have their favorite shade - get ready to snap up these fun loving and dangling must haves, absolutely Instagram worthy.

You don’t need to worry about finding the right ones for your outfit, because these funky babies are good to go with majority of your wardrobe (ensure you don’t overdo it). Whether you got to carry an elegant traditional attire with grace or just grab that girl next door casual look with timeless blue denim and tee, this full of life ornament does complete justice to both.

Heading to a summary lunch date in your good-looking white summer dress? Just put on those red, yellow or pink pom pom earrings and you are good to go. These pom pom earrings are a great way to add the oomph in your most simplest or everyday wears.

And the happy news is they can be easily found without burning even an inch of hole in your pocket. So, get spoilt for choice and primp up all your attires with each of these pretty-looking pom pom earrings, because shopping for just one is never fun.

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