21 Nov 2017

How to go with minimal jewelry and still look good!

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‘Basic jewelry is like an ice cream. There’s always room for more’.

It is oh so hard to get enough of the minimalist or basic jewelry that never goes out of trend. And it’s not that easy to go effortlessly go right even with the minimalistic jewelry. As they say, being simple is one of the toughest things to be and it stands true even in case of your ‘basic look’.

It’s not just about wearing things that are basic and plain, but it’s all about completing the look with utmost class and goodness. If you are one of those who love to go basic majority of the times, and keep it simple yet stylish, we’ve got some suggestions and tips for you pretty ladies! Some quick tips to prevent faux pas moments!

Decide your statement piece!

You don’t want to spoil the oomph factor to your overall look by distracting people with too many statement pieces. For each of your outfit, choose one focus place to highlight, giving your look and outfit a definition. Pick up earrings or neckpiece, rings or bracelet, to avoid complications.

Escape Clashing!

Try not to have your minimalistic jewelry clashing with your outfits or other accessories like your bag, shades etc. If there’s a design or text on your t-shirt, then avoid wearing a necklace which falls on top of it, or check on your bracelet if you are carrying a bag with a little bling. Just take care of these little things and you are good to go.

Keep it simple silly!

The best way to go basic with your jewelry is to go for simple statement pieces that elevate your outfit without making messy or loud. If you are looking for something to adorn your favorite LBD or a special meeting at workplace, go for a graceful pearl + marble design ring to complete your look. Avoid too bright colors in order to stick to a clean and sharp effect. Some looks you can try with the basic pieces!

* Neckline accessories for dainty look!

It’s amazing to see how a choker can enhance even a plain white shirt kind of day. Black choker with a layered necklace is just the right basic piece, giving you a not so basic look!

* Bracelets for a minimalistic chic look!

Chic bracelets! This is one of the most eternally beautiful styles. Pairing a pretty rhinestone heart bracelet with your favorite watch and sweater, denim or even formal office wear can never go wrong. Elegantly designed, this will amplify your simple gorgeous look.

* Smooth earrings adding some grace to your basics!

These artistic arrow earrings are so easy-going and versatile to be paired with all your regular 9-5 clothing and even the dressy ones. They’ll even look good when you just want to pull on your hoody and step out.

* Put a ring on it!

A stunning minimalistic pearl and marble ring to suit your casual and corporate look. With its contemporary feel, such rings are one of basic must haves.

Going basic is not difficult, but going basic and still looking good is something that needs a little effort. Keep it basic, keep it rocking!

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