25 Oct 2017

The one accessory that is a game changer- Chokers

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Some style statements are like a boomerang, they’re meant to come back. And one such 90’s exemplary fashion accessory – Choker is the talk of the town. The renaissance of the choker is reining the fashion runway, Instagram and even amidst the red carpet personas in 2017. Being exceedingly popular amongst the 20’s and early 30’s in this era, the ardent cohorts of fashion wore them even back then.

The choker trend dates back to the 19th century, when Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom wore one in order to hide a scar. And then this craze was taken to its logical extreme, beloved for their knack of sufficing both the contrasting moods – camouflaging the neck and highlighting it. You’d definitely go back to the Victorian-era when you spot someone wearing a delicate ribbon one.

With the bloggers and models bringing in the new wave of the altered designs and styles, there’s a lot for you to try. When it feels like a casual day but there’s got to be a highlighting something, choker does the needful. From minimal and dainty chains to the extravagant layers – it’s hard to find any style diva, someone like Kendall Jenner and Paris Hilton without one on. So now, make your favorite LBDs a little unconventional with the glitzy choker pumping up your Friday nights.

Chokers are so much alive and a central key accessory now because there are numerous shapes, designs and styles to it enabling you to look different in each one of them. And they can even be made of metal, embellished with stones or signify romance with pearls. From the ‘cool girl’ back then to the bold and non-conformist now, this little neckpiece is no longer just a thing of the 90s.

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